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THE Frazier Foundation's
Diamond in the Rough Fellowship Program

The Diamond in the Rough Fellowship [DIR] Program, administered by

THE Frazier Foundation, a national 501c-3 IRS designated nonprofit organization, presents a dynamic and continuous leadership development endeavor. 

Program Essence

The program is tailored for exceptional candidates who showcase academic integrity, innate leadership acumen, and a profound dedication to public service that transcends mandatory service-learning requisites for high school volunteer hours or college credit.

Candidate Selection

Meticulously chosen, Diamond Fellows embody academic excellence, leadership potential, and a steadfast commitment to community service that surpasses expectations.

Empowering Mentorship

 A unique facet of the program, Diamond Fellows possess the autonomy to select mentors from our esteemed collaboration, Tall Girls United Executive Officers and Regional Captains, as well as Tall Girls United Fund [TGU Fund (501c-3)] members and partners. This alliance ensures personalized mentorship, guiding the Diamond Fellows through their transformative journey. 

*A full listing of mentors coming soon.

Access to Elite Resources

Once accepted into the program and following their initial cohort colloquium, Diamond Fellows unlock complete access to unique Institute for Arts & Academic Leadership and Athletic eXcellence [AALAX] offerings and resources. These encompass an array of benefits including career exploration, skills training, advancement advocacy, permissible grants, and funding for professional development.

Sustained Connections

Diamond Fellows are strongly encouraged to forge lasting connections through their cohorts as well as nurturing relationships that traverse academic and professional pathways. #ForeverADiamond!

Alumni Influence

Numerous accomplished DIR alumna contribute by becoming mentors to upcoming Diamond Fellows, embodying the program's ethos of mentorship and growth and dedicated to paying it forward.

Engage and Nominate


Many of our DIR alumna are dedicated to paying it forward by serving as mentors to future DIR Fellows. *Check  back to see a full roster of mentors, eagerly waiting to inspire.

Mentorship Enlistment

Envision becoming a mentor through the Tall Girls United collaboration? VIP and LIFE level members are encouraged to participate in the TGU Fund Mentorship Program. Step forward to illuminate the paths of aspiring leaders. Visit to learn more.

Nominate a Scholar

Have a towering scholar [6foot+] in your midst? Nominate them for The Diamond in the Rough Diamond Fellowship Program, contributing to the tapestry of leadership, community dedication, and academic distinction. A member of our selection committee will contact you.


For inquiries, nominations, or detailed insights, visit:

Or send an email to:


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