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THE Frazier Foundation's
Diamond in the Rough Fellowship Program

The Diamond in the Rough Fellowship [DIR] Program, administered by

THE Frazier Foundation, a 501c-3 IRS designated nonprofit organization, provides a continuous leadership development program for selected eligible candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, possess management and leadership potential, and have demonstrated a commitment to public service above and beyond of required service learning requirements to earn high school volunteer hours or college credit.


In addition to choosing their own mentor through our Tall Girls United collaboration, Diamond in the Rough [DIR] Fellows, once selected, have opportunities to fully access AALAX’s Elite Executive offerings and resources including, but not limited to, career exploration, advancement support, and permissible grants and professional development funding. DIR Fellows are strongly encouraged to remain connected along their scholastic and professional journeys.


Many of our DIR alumna are dedicated to paying it forward by serving as mentors to future DIR Fellows. *A full listing of mentors coming soon.

Need more information about becoming a mentor through our Tall Girls United collaboration or want to nominate someone to be a DIR Fellow? Submit your questions, comments, and/or nomination of your favorite

6 foot+ scholar in the chat bubble below. 

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