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Visionary leader and human being par excellence! 
Leads with integrity, intensity, and confidence reflecting solid foundation and clarity of purpose and mission.

Audience at a Performance

I’ve known Ms. Denley for 30 years so I KNOW her. Hardworking, passionate, straight forward and results oriented. When she ventured into training and development through workshops, team building trainings and executive coaching, I knew she had found her lane - her God given purpose. She’s the person you want on your team, if you want to win. The perfect team player, leader and impact player. I highly recommend and support anything Ms. Denley touches as it will turn to gold.

City Sky

Chanda Smith Baker

 Social Sector Executive | Podcaster | Philanthropist | Board Director

   Twin Cities Metroplex, MN

Leahjean is an outstanding leader and motivator with an exceptional way of bringing out the best in those around her. She is gifted in her ability to reach young people, inspiring them to reach deeper and further than they ever imagined. Her passion, commitment and expertise is unmatched. I highly recommend having Leahjean on your team.

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