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"No need to get ready because we STAY READY!"

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We are excited to offer the “Stay Ready Suite” to select urban and rural underserved communities in Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, Illinois, and Minnesota. Through strategic partnerships, the innovative youth focused emergency and disaster management initiative is poised to provide relevant resources, trainings, information, and emergency response services.

Why the "Stay Ready Suite?" 

The combined effects of climate change and environmental injustice have ensured that ecological "natural" disasters have become commonplace. In emergency situations, do you and your organization know what to do?


The Frazier Foundation's Stay Ready Suite is all about preparing beforehand as well as efficiently and effectively mobilizing and connecting relevant partners. You need Stay Ready Suite to enhance your emergency and disaster resource readiness.

Contact Information

Call or complete the information form in the chat bubble or fields below. A member of our team of experts will be glad to assist immediate needs.

"No need to get ready because we STAY READY!"

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