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Business Discussion

What is Elite Executive Coaching?

Individualized professional development based upon industry best practices.

The team of AALAX Industry Professional Style Guides © are readily available based upon the Elite Executive’s goals while challenging the top-level achiever.

Guidance to remove old reactive management strategies and support the implementation of new and innovative proactive leadership styles.

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Our focused THREE-STEP approach provides tangible results.


  1. Starting with a brief self-assessment, STEP ONE is often the most revealing – positioning the direction of the next two steps which are interconnected for the Elite Executive.

  2. STEP TWO requires skilled self-reflection relevant to the desired outcomes for the Elite Executive. The outcomes are determined when the results of the Elite Executive's self-assessment are reviewed.

  3. Exploring the Elite Executive's intentions while articulating authentic and relevant goal setting is STEP THREE. Intentional verbal and non-verbal language creates proactive approaches to effectively managing tasks and projects as well as decision making

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