ELITE EXECUTIVE COACHING - Welcome to the "Career Closet"

Dressing Thought Leaders from The INSIDE-Out!

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What is the "Career Closet" program?


The moment you become an Elite Executive Coaching member, you are eligible for our exclusive "Career Closet" program

which provides individualized professional development based upon industry best practices. 


Our focused three-step approach provides tangible results.


  1. Starting with a self-assessment, step one is often the most revealing – positioning the direction of the next two steps which are interconnected for the elite executive.

  2. Step two requires skilled self-reflection relevant to the desired outcomes for the elite executive. The outcomes are determined when results of the elite executive's self-assessment are revealed.

  3. Exploring the elite executive's intentions while articulating authentic and relevant goal setting is step three. Intentional language [verbal] as well as appearance [non-verbal] creates proactive approaches to effecively managing tasks and projects as well as decision making.  

Coach Leah and the AALAX team of Industry Professional Style Guides are made readily available

to assist in the transformation of elite executives from the INSIDE-out and perhaps head to toe!

Not only will the "Career Closet " refine the outer appearance of the elite executive’s strategic wardrobe,

but also challenge the top-level achiever to remove old reactive management strategies

and make room for new and innovative proactive leadership styles.

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