Institute for Arts and Academic Leadership and Athletic eXcellence

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

What is AALAX? 

As a thriving consultant and adviser in the industry, Coach Leah founded the Institute for Arts & Academic Leadership and Academic eXcellence [AALAX] in the Fall of 2015. “Our insight and expertise helps make educated and informed decisions.”

In October, 2015 AALAX was retained by the Texas Christian Athletic League [T*CAL] – with Coach Leah serving in the top role as Director of Athletics. T*CAL serves over 100 middle schools, high schools, and academic entities primarily in the state of Texas.


In Spring 2017, Genesis Christian School [GCS], a T*CAL [PreK – 12] member school, hired Coach Leah for the role of Administrator of Athletic Programming. AALAX's proven results of Activity Based Instructional strategies were implemented to provide a solid K-12 physical education and varsity sports foundation for GCS.


The AALAX team of industry experts and project managers is poised to deliver innovative results on and off the court! 



AALAX is formerly the Frazier Foundation


AALAX, formerly the Frazier Foundation's mission is “Totally committed to creating academic and economic opportunities for inner-city young women athletes.”


[1995]. From 1995 – 2006, 92% of all eligible Frazier Foundation participants received either an academic or athletic scholarship to attend college through the “Diamonds in the Rough” program – which had brief expansion to the Sacramento, CA and Buffalo, NY area. 

Continuing with non-profits and youth programming Coach Leah was hired by the National Football Foundation's Play It Smart program to serve as an Academic Coach. Additionally, after a 10 year tenure on the local level, she was selected as one of only 10 National Evaluators for the National Youth Sports Corporation’s NYSP program [2005].


Coach Leah was appointed as an Executive Officer of the World Youth Foundation [WYF] in November of 2014 and presently coordinates WYF's flagship program, YIIP - Youth innovative Incubator Project. Through a solid partnership with WYF and AALAX, the goal to reach nationally from Minneapolis, MN to several metropolitan areas in Texas, as well as the Southeast and on the East Coast with several innovative non-profit youth programming initiatives has been achieved. 

AALAX currently serves in both Houston, TX and Minneapolis, MN .